1h Smart Special Edition Package BlackBerry Messenger

A fixedversion of blocked or unblocked for 18.99 / month with acommitment of 24 months including:
1 hour of communication(except special numbers and short numbers)
access toBlackBerry Messenger (reduced flow in excess of 500 MB / month).

Teens can benefit from the Advantage "under 18"which, in addition to SMS and MMS unlimited 24/24 and 7 / 7(excluding SMS and / or MMS premium and short numbers), one hour oftwo additional calls to all numbers and operators to choose one freegame each month in the catalog Orange World and download from yourmobile.

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Special Edition Package 1h M6 Mobile for BlackBerry

A package for 15-25 years marketed and costs 24.99 /month with 24 months including:
1 hour of calls (exceptspecial numbers and short numbers)
SMS and MMS Unlimited 24 /7 (excluding SMS / MMS premium and short numbers)
24/24 toaccess Facebook, Twitter and Windows Live Messenger from the link onthe portal MyFriends Inside M6 Mobile (low-flow beyond 500 MB /month)
Internet with 200 MB included, including: Internetaccess, the BlackBerry mail, BlackBerry Messenger, BlackBerryappworld and still access the portal Inside M6 Mobile (excluding paidcontent. Reduced flow in excess of 500 MB / month).