Without a doubt the world's most popular portable media player, the Apple iPod is a bit of a celebrity, It's worked hard for years to achieve the star status it now proudly and deservedly holds. Naturally, some are jealous of this, others are just trying to jump on the bandwagon, and so we see a slew of iPod docks offering our favourite star a place to crash for the night.

Recharge its battery and an outlet to play its tunes when headphones just aren't enough, But rarely have we seen a dock offering the iPod such a huge place to crash, with such a large and punchy speaker to play the music it's become famous for The Fidelio 059000 is just that.

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It's large, intimidating looks can easily trash out any of the competition while offering a comfortable docking berth to the iPod's big brother, the iPad as well. We're gonna assume this one will be impractical for anything but home use, though.