BlackBerry was one major smartphone player missing from the tablet segment. With PlayBook, BlackBerry has Ired the arena of sleek tablets orling a completely new oper*ngsystem. So should the tablet ket leader face shivers from PlayBook? Let's find out. The PlayBook measures ,·inches diagonally, but the :ective screen area is 7 -inches. 1hereis a prominen t bezel around HCD screen and the device is vunded at the edges. The edges md the rear side have a rubber*Jsed finish which gives a very good grip on the device. Build quality is top notch and the thick il'zel has its own pros and cons. The top central portion of the tablet has a small round power button, which isa bit too recessed for our liking and you will have to depress it at a right angle.

The BlackBerry PlayBook houses the 1 GHz dual core Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 SaC. The tablet runs on the pro*prietary BlackBerry tablet OS, based on the QNX Neutrino micro kernel architecture. You will notice that there are no buttons on the tablet apart from the ones on the top edge ie. no Home button. The bezel forms a touch-sensitive frame.

Multi-tasking is the USP of RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook. Although we have seen multi*tasking on the iPad2 and Android tablets, none of those can come close to what BlackBerry brings to the table with Playbook. You can have an HD video running in one app, have your email on another and playa game on a third app without any slowdown. The 1024xQOO pixel WSVGA resobecomea the web, e phone emetal e Sweat ygood, reo The Usage, edfor. ike a some e has Iging perpre*cial aul lon ralution on the 7-inch LCD screen looks quite sharp and crispy.

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PlayBook does not have any native email client, out of the box! You get apps for Gmail, Hotmail, AOLMailand Yahoo Mailrespec*tively. This brings us to the fea*ture called BlackBerry Bridge. In essence, what the BlackBerry Bridge does is sync your Black*Berry smartphone with the tablet over Bluetooth. Once done and activated, the BlackBerry Bridge will form a separate tab housing apps such as BBM, Mail, Contacts, Tasks, Calender, etc. Remember, these apps will not be stored on the PlayBook, but will just be shared between your BB smart*phone and the PlayBook so long as the Bluetooth connection is on. In short, all your mails, contacts etc will still be secure as the Play*book is not storing anything.

The Bluetooth link is 256-bit AES encrypted one, so you can surf the web using your phones data plan or browse through BBM, contacts, calender under a secure environment. The BlackBerry PlayBook's web browser is based on WebKit and technically it does support tabbed browsing.