Huawei is probably not a concept mostpeople in Germany - it is the Chinese network equipment for years inthis country and actively sold among other entry-level smartphonesand UMTS sticks. And from an entry-level smartphone is expected toapprove plastic, wide gaps and of course simply outdated technology.But can not from cheap when Ideos X3 out of the question - who doesnot deal constantly with the mobile market, holding it withouthesitation for a HTC brand, and only the Huawei logo ensures frown.

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Even when working with quality, thereis nothing to complain about: the display and front rest are almostcompletely covered by a plastic surface, because the edges are veryrounded and the cell phone acts as a unified whole.

As a stylish design element used on atrimmed Huawei aluminum plastic frame that goes around sides,forehead and the bottom of the front. The back is completely coveredwith a soft-touch surface that together with the round shapes, themobile phone which is very good in the hand. Nevertheless, the X3does not plump - no wonder, it is only 11 millimeters thin and weighsjust 105 grams at the application it gives only little to criticize.Although there are slightly uneven gaps between the battery cover andthe rest of the phone, but noticed it only on very close inspection.