The novel model from Verizon Wireless works just like AT&T's, exclude that's it's on Verizon's CDMA network. Yes, there are some fine differences —and I'll go into those in great detail in this review. If you don't want an iPhone earlier, there's nothing novel to convince you here.

The most beneficial site has began by reading our review of the iPhone 4 , along with our review of the recently OS Verizon, 4.2. This is a super-slick OS with frequent news-es and approach to lots of applications. The phone have a terrific incorporated iPod for music and video. It's excellent for gaming, and nice for Web browsing, as long as you can get by without Flash. The 5-megapixel camera is awesome, and it records HD video. You do probably video chat with Face Time, similar on the AT&T Verizon, entirely actual iPhone applications work on the novel device. It creates the separate for our list of the 10 Best Touch-Screen Phones and the Best Phones on Verizon Wireless.

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Verizon's iPhone looks about precisely similar AT&T's iPhone 4, a slick black glass sandwich with the sharpest 3.5-inch screen you've till yet seen. The Mute switch on the left panel has been swift-ed by almost a millimeter, and there's no SIM card slot. The antenna is a small dissimilar, both iPhone prototype have 2 strips with the right slope. The AT&T prototype has one with the left, when the Verizon has 2 on the left. Anyway the Verizon name next to the signal-strength indicator on the top-left corner of the display, those are everybody the alters you can see.

Below the bonnet, there are more dissimilarities. Apple entirely replaced the iPhone's GSM radio with an incompatible CDMA prototype, and had to fiddle with the antennas to make them work on Verizon's network. The Verizon iPhone experience of a "death grip", although it's a small spot trickier. You have to catch the lower portion of the phone a spot tightly, enveloping both of the antenna gaps for the bottom. Only similar on the AT&T phone, the causes only shows up if you already have weak Verizon signal, which is why I didn't catch it in the first demos. I was capable to acquire 2 bars of 3G to drop to 1 bar of 2G by holding the phone. Adding a bumper, only similar with the AT&T prototype, fixes the problem.