Omitting the exclusive Porsche Design P'9981 from BlackBerry, we've now reviewed each other BlackBerry 7 Smart phone here on CrackBerry, having the BlackBerry Bold 9930, Bold 9900, Torch 9860, Torch 9850, Torch 9810, Curve 9380 and Curve 9360.

That's a lot of BlackBerry 7 Smartphones, and the freshly available BlackBerry Bold 9790slots into the Bold family from 2 variant view points: you can either seem at the Bold 9790 as a smaller, lower end Bold 9900 -- specially when compared to its big brother the bling'n 9900 -- or you can see at it as a straight up successor to the super popular BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Bold 9780.

We enjoyed the 9700 , hence we consider the 9790 as the following in line with the 9700 family and you in reality acquire the feel that's how RIM planned this phone, they took the 9780 and determined how to improve upon it, instead of taking the Bold 9900 and deciding how to alter it up to be littler and low-priced.

The roll out of the 9790 has been concerning to watch unfold. The Bold 9790 was revealed in Indonesia to a bunch of passionate BlackBerry fans, which was followed by the launch of an official BlackBerry Store which watched HUGE lineups as Bold 9790's were committed at half price.

At the time of this review it has yet to be declared by any US-based bearers, although in Canada fairly much everyone has picked up the phone. The BlackBerry Bold 9790 forum has watched rather a lot of action and a lot of individuals in the US expecting the 9790 will strike their carrier earlier quite than later, hence we'll have to wait and see how that unfolds.

With the BlackBerry Bold 9900 striking the market first and being positioned as the novel flagship device of the BlackBerry 7 Smart phone lineup, a lot of people -- myself admitted -- initially questioned the requirement for still another Bold.

When getting briefed on the most novel Bold by the head of the Bold 9790 product team, the target markets and consideration for this device became more clear.

International Markets - In emerging markets as Indonesia, Bold is comprehended as a prestige brand. That's a small much low-cost but still a Bold will go above actually good (which we decidedly saw be the case at the 9790's launch). Retrieve, in these countries you do not actually have carrier grant taking place, hence it's critical for the outright cost of the phone to be as low as possible.

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Females/Small Hands - Not everyone enjoyed the original broad body style of the original Bold 9000. Those with smaller hands simply encounter it to be too big. With the broad body making a return on the Bold 9900, RIM expected to make sure they had a smaller form factor version more appealing to females, those with small hands and/or those who easy prefer a smaller phone.

This by no way means that the Bold 9790 is a girly BlackBerry, it definitely is not, but depended on on size it may be a better suit for CrackBerry ladies than the 9900 .

Do not messiness with win - The 9700 and 9780 were both large delivers with a good deal of BlackBerry users out there, RIM expected a instrument to come up with that win for those who directly out favor the narrower Bold kind of factor above the broad body style.

Experiencing that, I realize why Research In Motion select to build the 9790. And if you suit into any one of these target markets, the 9790 may only be a not that much brilliant device for you to move out and purchase. Passing through the Bold 9790 brings a same BlackBerry 7 experience to other BlackBerry devices, my attention when using the phone actually got focused at how it compares to other complete qwerty BlackBerrys and for those who love their existing Bold 9700/9780s and haven't upgraded to a 9900 still, does the 9790 make a big plenty improvement to force an upgrade today vs.
Examine the video above for a closer seem at the BlackBerry Bold 9790 and how it equates to other BlackBerry 7 Smart phones.

At first glance, non - BlackBerry aficionados will probably have a tough time differentiating the 9790 from other Bold and Tour devices released over the past pair of years. On a track pad in the mid and keyboard that characteristics "smiling guitar frets," the included every feel is really similar to that of the 9780 and 9700.

Better trained eyes will start to pick out the elusive plan differences that make the Bold 9790 the novel of the bunch. The glowing ring around the optical navigation track pad is novel, as are the individual buttons to the left and right of the trackpad, though visually, these buttons arguably look more dated than the more integrated ones on previous Bolds. Holding the device clean and fashionable though is the screen housing, which is built into the body of the device - a large development over last Bolds where you could uniquely feel and see the physical edges of the screen.