The HTC S740 is a back creature in the Windows Mobile world. Those were the days. The last time we reviewed a HTC “Smart phone” was the S730 but as then there’s been extremely small in the way of novel “Windows Mobile Standard” (i.e. no touch screen) devices.

As usual we have acquired our infamous up-close images of the device itself. As I referred in the videos it’s modeled to a great extent on the HTC Touch Diamond and there’s an apparent design theme proceeding via it. It is extremely narrow and thin also – to have keep that keyboard, the GPS, FM Radio as well as micro SD card slot in a instrument which is thinner as compared to the HTC Touch Pro is a certain coup. The borders are angular and the S740 seems no different in size to veritable candy-bar style phones. The hidden bonus, of course, if the slope-out QWERTY keyboard..

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We should say you right here that this is a final unit running a test version of the microcode. Some bits might be a bit slower as compared to they will in the final version, whilst other bits might be removed or altered, hence don’t take the videos you see below as an absolutely perfect representation of the final user experience.

Initially I believed that the reactivity from the numeric keyboard was small dull – the “click” you receive when pushing the buttons appeared to take a little so much pressure, and settling the buttons appeared tricky so, but I have slowly come to realize that I have used the HTC Touch Dual for almost a year, hence swapping to the S740 took a little for my fingers to acquire used to.

The videos, under, display a tour of the device add a feel at the characteristics of the phone – the FM Radio, WiFi, GPS and more. If you have never watched a Windows Mobile instrument without a touch screen then we should may be bring you up to speed. Firstly, there’s a different interface with programs and selections being made using the navigation control or numbered keys.

The back of the phone, like we have already watched, holds the Diamond form from the touch-screen Diamond along with the camera design. No flash here, but the camera does operate much better at low light in this handset. You can even watch the grill that hides the back speaker.