HTC's been about this block earlier -- the LTE one, that is. Rear in month of March, the producer was the 1st to keep Verizon's hand like it examined the 4G waters with the Thunder bolt. That launch may have been groped and the instrument plagued by battery issues, but as far as head begins go, Big Red acquired a big leap.

To do this, the carrier's enlisted HTC's veteran expertise, taking enhancement of its 700 MHz know-how and offering the producer a salvation song of sorts. This round 2 redux brings the kind of the Vivid: an all-black, metal-backed retiring plastic slab that houses a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor and 8 megapixel rear camera with dual LED flash below a 4.5- inch qHD screen.

Impressive as its specs perhaps, AT&T's not wagering the complete farm on this phone and is trotting out the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket beside to shoulder the burden. But for a device once code named the Holiday, its fight for consumers' care and disposable dollars could turn out to be anything but leisurely.

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We were imperfectly calling the CEO's bluff here, but it looks he may have been solely mentioning to the Galaxy S II Skyrocket. Make no mistake about it, the Vivid is a hefty handset -- a fact that becomes apparent when it 1st clumps out of the box and into your hand. Weighing in at 176 grams and quantifying out 11.2mm thick, you'd presume this heavy weight trade-off would be the result of an oversized battery, numerous ports and LTE radio.

That is, unluckily, not the case at everything. On a 1,620 mAh battery that pales in comparison to the 1,850 mAh of its pugilist 4G LTE stablemate, the phone's mass is easy beating. If you were wishing its casing would be to blame for this inordinate girth, make ready to be sorely let down.

HTC's plan flourishes are few of the most typical and daring in the industry, and most have arrive to relate the company with its aluminum single body constructions. The Vivid, still, loses out on this traditional treatment. That's not to tell the phone's chassis looks cheap.

With the contrary, it's a sturdy hulk of glossy piano black plastic that's more evocative of the original Motorola Droid's angular construct as compared to any other HTC handset we have seen. There's no soft touch plastic here, while. Quite so, we acquire a tough, shiny exterior that widens about the device to its rear and abruptly slopes inward to environment a gunmetal grey, removable metal plate.