Other smart phone programs may acquireeverything the buzz, still Black Berrys are as dependable like always— if no longer cutting off-edge. The Black Berry Curve 9350 forSprint ($49.99) is a great example. If you text or email a much more,expect a physical keyboard, and expect your phone to be as small aspossible though left comfortable, the Curve 9350 is a sharp budgetbuy; only don't expect much in the way of guiding characteristics or3rd - party applications.

The Curve 9350 carries out everythingthat produced earlier Curves successful and packages it into aslimmer device. It measures 4.3 by 2.4 by 0.4 inches (HWD) and weighs3.5 ounces. The 2.4-inch LCD sports an uprated 360-by-480-pixelresult. Though it's not a touch screen, the track pad produces itpretty simple to navigate the OS, and old Black Berry hands will feelright at home. The four-row keyboard characteristics raised keys anda gentle curve. I've ever enjoyed the keyboard with the Curve, andmy hands aren't specifically small, but some may prefer the largerBold instead.

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The Curve 9350 is a dual-band EV-DORev. A (850/1900 MHz) instrument on 802.11b or g or n Wi-Fi. There isno 4G Wi MAX back up. Voice standard is all right; caller-ups soundclear and warm in the earpiece, and transmissions are even clear.Reception is mean ; I am however awaiting for a Sprint Black Berry tocorrespond the Pearl 8130's reception posture from various years ago.

Calls sounded all right via a JawboneEra Blue-tooth headset and voice dialing did work pretty lesspreparing above Blue-tooth. The speakerphone is excellent, on plentyof acquire and a clear, undistorted tone. Battery life was pretty at5 hours 50 minutes of talk time.

RIM's Black Berry 7 OS may be novel,but it's mostly more of the same. On the plus slope, you acquire anuprated 800MHz processor, Black Berry 7's novel icon groups, and agood selection of preloaded software, having Slacker, Facebook, andTwitter apps, RIM's Social Feeds collector, and a vastly more capableWeb Kit browser as compared to what earlier Black Berrys came with.

You even acquire everything the usualBlack Berry - related to gains, such as push email for upward to 10accounts and enough of remote management tie-inches for enterprise.But there's a serious lack of third-party applications in Black BerryApp World, and the ones that are there are no correspond for theirAndroid and iOS likenesses.

Black Berry's excel at music and videoplayback, as long as you're okay on the apparent limitations of asmall, non-touch display. There's a standard-size 3.5 mm headphonejack on top of the phone, add a micro SD card slot underneath thebattery cover. My 32 GB San Disk card worked all right, and there'seven 125 MB of release internal memory.

Levering the battery cover off is alittle tricky, but you won't require to swap cards much: Black BerryDesktop Software arrives in both PC and Mac versions, and producessyncing iTunes play lists, transferring photos, and transcodingvideos a snap. Music tracks appeared punchy via Samsung routineHM6450 Blue-tooth headphones, and stand alone videos played smoothlyin full display way.

Curves no longer suffer from low-endcameras, either. The 9350 has a 5-megapixel sensor, uninterruptedfocus, an LED flash, image stabilization, and geotagging. It's notthe best 5-megapixel camera I've examined, but as long as you havesufficient light, you'll have no trouble acquiring standard shotsboth indoors and outside. Shutter speeds are a bit slow, thus you mayexpect to snap a second photo like a support for important pictures.Recorded 640-by-480-pixel VGA videos played smoothly at 30 frames persecond, and the image stabilization is a bonanza — specifically ifyou enjoy coffee like much like I do.