Like the original LG Cookie, the phonethat foreshadowed the era of the budget touchscreen, proved to berather a success, the manufacturer naturally seeks to hold this trendalive. The appearance of the LG Cookie Fresh GS290 is a proof ofthis. It is part of the novel-formed Cookie family. Still, what placedoes it bring among the rest of the family members is a toughquestion, like the Cookie Fresh brings few of the novelcharacteristics detect it with the Cookie Plus, but sacrifices othersthat were initially detect it with the original.

In short, it substitutes the 3MP cameradetect it on the first Cookie with a weaker 2MP one, and itdeficiencies 3G, but sports a 3.5mm jack. Therefore, in the finalanalysis, we can tell the LG Cookie Fresh GS290 will be the handsetof selection for those who love listening to music though with themove, but would pay as small as possible.

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For good or bad, the LG Cookie FreshGS290 is the distinctive low-priced touchscreen phone, in terms ofplan. Its appearance is by no means breathtaking, but it’s notworse either. LG designs to proffer it in a plethora of colorvariations, attempting to fit since many consumer tastes likepossible.. The plastic, from which it is manufactured, looks fairlycheap, while not unpleasant to touch. It has polish curves, whichcreate the LG Cookie Fresh GS290 look natural in the hand.

The display measures out 3 inches andhas a result of 240 x 400 pixels – quality for a budget touchphone. It ensures a much more of pixelization, thus that’s not thebest-feeling display ever. However, appearing via the preloadedpictures, we detect it to be a worthy competitor to each other phonein the same class. Like it is resistive, using it will be flawlessfor female users with longer nails, though the rest will have to keepup with the bothers this technology supplies.

Everything thekeys with our prototype felt nice and we are glad to see the micro SDslot is with the left slope and lets for memory card hots wrapping.In extra to 3.5mm, the Cookie Fresh sports a quality micro USB portfor PC connection and charging.

Everything in all, the LG Cookie FreshGS290 is what you’d want it to be – a bit cheap, not extremelyattractive, but however pleasant plenty to seem at, keep and apply,like it conforms to the standards an affordable touchscreen handsethas to cover.