The novel LG Prada 3.0 is a 'fashionphone' that really ticks more as compared to a some tech boxes aswell. When most people hear about planner tie-ins with technology,they think of lame instruments with a logo smeared everything aboveit - but in this case, it's really a decent phone in its own right.

The Prada 3 has a large amount ofsynergy with the LG Optimus 3D, bringing the similar OMAP 1GHzdual-core, dual-channel processor but storming it up with 1GB of RAM,quite as compared to the measly 512MB with offer lastly.

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We are even watching the typicalAndroid specs here also: 8GB of internal storage with space for amicro SD card, GPS, Blue-tooth 3.0, Wi-Fi b or g or n and everythingthe rest - but you do not expect to read about that.

The truth is, the Prada 3.0 is a phonethat the fashionable who is gave up with substandard technology hasbeen waiting for - it appears the part, but even stands up torigorous testing as well. The chassis is appears nice in the hand,thanks to the Saffiano decor with the back of the handset, the veerededges and 8.5mm depth. In fact, take away the Prada branding and youcan tell this would however be a extremely considerable plannedphone.

The power key is amazingly simple tohit, viewing it is tucked away away the top right-hand corner of theinstrument and is fairly tiny; and the sliding hatch to protect themicro USB slot slips rear and forth with a premium seem also.There isno physical camera button to speak of, like LG has gone forminimalism here, but overall, we can watch users loving theexperience of bringing the phone in and out of the pocket.

When it arrives to the technical slopeof things, the LG Prada 3 is not detected expecting either, thanks tothe latest iteration of Android (2.3.7) all the aforementionedconnectivity options as well as NFC with board.

The next generation technology isincreasingly being applied with today's novel handsets, but we werewondered to watch it with a fashion phone - the message of paying forthings with your phone must be adjust to hit the planner stores soonalso, it appears, like it's an uneven choice to plus in when creatinga sleek pan is everything important.