Acer has declared a particular editionof its next version of Liquid Smartphone dubbed Acer Liquid ‘e’Ferrari Smartphone that is powered by most recent Android 2.1 mobileoperating platform, uniting cutting-edge technologies, softwareinnovation and an ultra-fluid user interface to make an all-novelmobile experience.

Acer LiquidE Ferrari particular edition is the most exclusive Smart phone in theworld, committed to those who reject to settle for mere perfectionand demand something additional from their technological devices:passion, cutting-edge technology, performance, and over everything,exclusive characteristics. Passionate, as the red of its livery,Sophistication, expression of the utmost flawlessness, Highperformance, as the finest race cars, Exclusive, as a tailor-madesuit, and Fully-equipped, as a luxurious object: these ingredientsproduce the Acer Liquid E Ferrari particular edition utterly distinctand in a class of its own.

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Made up of a pure racing soul, theAcer Liquid E Ferrari particular edition unites powerful performancewith plan excellence. It is not merely a luxurious smart phone orstatus symbol; it is an object with nothing was left to opportunity,where obsessive care to detail ensures its owner a unambiguouslyhardly known.

Over all, it flaunts a bold stillelegant plan: the glossy red casing with chrome trim produces it atrue pleasure for the eyes. The front is dominated by a broad3.5-inch, hi-resolution capacitive touchscreen, though the rearsports the legendary “Scuderia Ferrari” shield with details incarbon fibre, though the re-planned microphone recalls the “airintake inlet”, adding it a powerful feel to hold it in poleposition.Acer has entirely individualized theuser interface in particular edition Acer Liquid e Ferrari phone,thereby letting fans of the Rossa to have the thrill of the GranPremio always at their fingertips.

Depended upon lastly launched AcerLIQUID high-definition smart phone which was the 1st phone in the market running Google Android platform to apply QualcommSnapdragon Processor, the novel Acer Liquid ‘e’ Ferrari Smartphone is powered by Google’s most recent Android 2.1 operatingsystem though its predecessor ran with Android 1.6 OS.