The year is 1913. Italian enterprisesMario and Martino Prada begin a novel leather goods shop, calledFratelli Prada (meaning Prada Brothers), in Milan. Initially, theiroperations centered about selling of several leather goods, as wellas advanced English steamer trunks and handbags. Little did the Pradabrothers experience that their attempting was going to become what isone of the leading fashion houses of today and 2,841 employees aboutthe world like of 2011. Nowadays, Prada is business model focuses onmarketing luxury goods, such like several leather accessories, hatsand luggage.

Being the adventuresome case, Prada would Fewtimes guess out of its traditional fields to deliver few thing freshand different to its loyal customers. The 2007 was the exact time fora foray in the booming cell phone market. Still, since the companycould not tell a transistor from a chip, it required to partner witha veteran phone maker, in order to make its novel offering thePrada phone.

Finally, it would end up including LGwith board for the project. The duo unveiled the original LG Pradaphone, which rapidly derived quality, because of it being one of theextreme first handsets outfitted with a capacitive touchscreen.

For its time, the handset was verycool, thus we rated it a considerable-deserved 9! Its sequel arrivedin late 2008, and sadly, also while it seemed nearly two years after,the Prada II purchased extreme some novel characteristics, mostremarkable a slope-sliding QWERTY keyboard. Being spoiled by theiPhone and many other touch devices that were starting to flood themarket, we detected the Prada II to be slightly lacking in comparisonto the competition, finally afforded it a modest 6.

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It is now 99 years later Mario Pradaflipped the door sign of his novel store to "Open for business",went rear to his counter and sat down, raring awaiting for the firstclients to arrive in. The year is 2012, and these are times of greateconomic stagnation and hardship.

On everybody constantly tightening uptheir belts, one would surprise if there is however place with Earth,where the words "luxury goods" would be welcomed on a smilewith the face and a wallet that is keen to be opened. Fortunately,the most recent product arriving from the collaboration among LG andPrada, the LG Prada 3.0 phone, does not fall into that particularcategory of overpriced products, but is quite holding things simpleand accessible for everything of us.

Including nearly nothingin common on its predecessors, and tailored to the requirements ofcontemporary smartphone customers, we are bringing our opportunity towatch if the novel LG Prada 3.0 sports that feature Prada fashionthat will have the numerous fans of the brand flock to it hastily!

Really, the LG Prada 3.0 is not much ofa luxury device. It is a high-end Android smartphone any way you seemat it, but it does not characteristic any fancy materials to createit feel classy. Like a complete, the Prada 3.0 is one extreme GalaxyS II-esque phone in terms of plan, being extreme slim and including acheapo plastic casing.

If you read the official press-release,you would be left on the belief that the Prada 3.0 is going to sporta Saffiano leather material, but in actually, it is only plastic onthe said Saffiano form. The result, in terms of appearance and lookis so-so, but create no mistake, it is much closer to being cheap, ascompare to classy.

To tell you the truth, we are a bitfrustrated to detect such form of approach in a product which has thebranding of a major fashion label all above it. Speaking ofbrandings, it is desire referring that the just simply visible logowith the body of the device is that of Prada. There is an LG logowith the rear, but you will have to feel closely in order to watchit.