Here is a phone that tweens are goingto dig – the LG T565. Called like the LG Cookie Friends in fewcountries, or like the LG Viper in others, the T565 is abudget-friendly handset that proffers a handful of social networkconnectivity characteristics. Like you might anticipate, it seemscheap and plasticity, while we detect the combination of colors –black and red in our case, to our liking. It has well-exposed, clickybuttons and a relatively slim profile for its class.

Afforded that the T565 is aimed atbudget-conscious consumers, we can tell that its 2.8-inch QVGA screenacquires the job done considerable. Colors feel perfect plenty andits considering angles are satisfactory. Furthermore, the touchscreenis of the capacitive form and is enough responsive.

The easy, simple to apply interface isamong the things we enjoy about the LG T565. It proffers threecustomizable home displays, a complete bunch of widgets, and iconsthat are big plenty for any thumb. Sadly, its with-display keyboardis rather frustrating to apply. It is slow, unresponsive, and itskeys are way also tiny. Thankfully, switching to a T9 numeric keypadproduces typing simpler.

As far as software is pertained, youacquire both Twitter and Facebook clients out of the box, as well asa Windows Live Messenger client. Everything off them can work in thebackground also, which is fairly cool . The email client works greaton the famous email service suppliers and backups push emailnotifications. Unhappily, we could not acquire the YouTube client towork.

The little T565 has an HTML browseralso! Still, it is barely passable. Pages bring a though to load,throughout which time applying them is almost impossible, and theheavier ones fill up its memory, thus failing to supply completely.As well, pinching to zoom works considerable when you zoom in, butglitches up when you zoom out. However, simpler pages, work perfectlyalright. Hooking up to the web is done either above EDGE 2G or Wi-Fi.

Now, we experience what you arethinking: this phone may be has a mediocre camera. And you would beright as the 3-megapixel shooter, on no auto-focus nor flash, bringsuninspiring shots that lack detail. Videos seem terrible also whenviewed on the phone's display. The inbuilt music player, on the otherhand, works enjoy a charm and also has its own widget for quickaccess. There is a built-in FM radio as well.

The video player can manage MPEG-4files of result up to 320 by 240 pixels. While it sounds slightlyartificial, the earpiece with the LG T565 is surprisingly loud. Wecould simply pick up all that the other party was saying withoutturning its volume higher as compared to half-way. At the same time,the microphone does a fairly good job as well as it delivers loud andunique voices with the other slope of the line.