For those that enjoy the thought of a5.3 inch Android smartphone as the Samsung Galaxy Note but do notneed to await for it to strike AT&T or pay the horrific price theinternational version is selling for, BLU Studio has you covered.Usable today is their Note-challenging 5.3 inch Android 2.3Gingerbread powered smartphone on a large 2,500 mAh battery. Theremaining of the specifications might not match the Note but theprice does not either.

We do not experience a entire much moreabout this phone or BLU but they have free a some phones in the past.The BLU 5.3 inch is nothing compared to the Galaxy Note other than ithas the similar size display and battery. The BLUE arrives with asingle-

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core 800 MHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, 8 GB internal storage,Micro-SD slot and a 5 megapixel camera on the back. They do profferthat big 2,500 mAh battery and a VGA front camera also, but that iswhere the good news ends. The 5.3 inch capacitive touch screen isjust 800 x 480 thus result is not a strong point here either.

This smartphone is usable today fromthe famous online retailer Expansys-USA and will campaign you just on free transporting. Its a GSM unlocked smartphone on backup fordual-sim cards. This smartphone tablet hybrid runs with Android 2.3Gingerbread but that is everything we experience. The press imageslook to display few HTC Sense UI style icons but that is about it.Head down to the source link if this interests you but proceed withcaution like we do not experience much about this India-madesmartphone.