Off late, budget Android phones arebeing manufactured by the dozen by both local as well asInternational brands. And why not, they are deriving a good momentumin the market, because of their pricing. Spice Mobiles recentlylaunched the little brother to the Mi-350n that we reconsideredbefore. A complete 70 points down and sans the ‘n’ factor, theMi-280 is presently selling for more as compare to two grand less, ascompare to it’s elder ‘budget Android’. Let us detect it.

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The Mi-280 is not the best of lookers.It’s covered in silver and black, but there is no amazing factorout here. On cheap phones, sure tradeoffs are definitely going toexist, more specifically in this section. There are a much more ofplastics involved in the construct of this phone, but it is verylight weight at 96 grams.

The front includes the 2.8-inchcapacitive TFT touchscreen on a result of 320 x 240 pixels. Below arefour capacitive buttons - a dedicated call and end button and adirective keypad. Eleven buttons are not wanted to man-oeuvre via aphone with touchscreen capacities. The keypad is a perfect waste ofspace with the phone.

Moving to the slopes, there is nodedicated camera shutter button and the just button is the volumerocker one with the left. The top includes the 3.5mm headphone slotand a micro USB connector, while the speaker and the camera arelocated at the back. The build quality is not perfectly something towrite home about, but we will have to afford this one to Spice, likethe phone does not appear like if it is going to fall apart orsomething. The plastic and glossy finish might afford it that ‘cheap’feel, but the build is not everything that bad.

The Mi 280 runs with a 650MHz processoron Android 2.3.4 on board and 134 MB of internal memory. Thus, thejust thing that really differs from the Mi-350n is that you acquire170 MB of internal memory. The 280 is wonderingly rapid innavigation. There is no noticeable lag, while moving in and out ofmenus or also multitasking.

The phone might slow down when a muchmore of applications are open, and that is when your task managerarrives in handy. Social networking integration is done using defaultFacebook and Twitter applications. The custom ROM that we saw on the350n is pre-loaded in this smartphone like considerable. The bestpart about it is that it is acquired a nifty drop down notificationmenu on a much more of alternatives to toggle connectivity, profilesand power alternatives.

The screen might mar your Androidexperience on this phone. It is very low result and 65k colors do notactually light up the display, thus that is another trade off youwill have to live with. Linpack gave the Mi 280 a single thread scoreof 8.377 and a multi thread score of 7.186 points. It afforded thephone a score of 1717, which means it is in the same scope like itselder brother, the Mi-50n.