The HTC One X is one of the mostknock-down mobile devices in the world thanks to its quad coreprocessor and 1GB RAM, letting it run as many apps as you need,flawlessly. The on board camera has too many features it is likehaving a digital camera built right in.

The HTC One X has amazing cameratechnology with HTC Image Sense, a built-in Image Chip particularlyplanned to afford you better quality photos in all conditions. Thereis no shutter lag thus images are brought the second you require, lowlight pictures are excellent thanks to a vast F2.0 lens which lets more light in than standard smartphone F2.4 lenses, and withuninterrupted shooting you can grab multiple shots in an instant toavoid motion blur.

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You can even snap a picture whileshooting 1080p HD video. And on a unique interface, reviewing andcontributing your photos is simple. With a quad core processor theHTC One X has unmatched functioning for unlined multitasking, meaningyou can open multiple web pages, play music and run your apps all atonce without any slowdown. Quad core power as well intends games aresuper responsive and have more realistic graphics, webpages loadearlier on smooth, seamless scrolling, flash is more immediate andvideos stream faster and play absolutely.

Do not worry about battery life; thequad core processor has a mini, energy efficient fifth core thatmanages light tasks, as emails and texts, thus the large cores aremerely switched on when required.
The recent , fastest and mostencouraged Android, Ice Cream Sandwich, arrives built in to the HTCOne X. There are resize-able widgets, the People application forcollecting all your contacts' texts, emails and Facebook updates inone place, and a lock screen that can be unlocked by scanning yourown face. On the latest edition of HTC Sense, Ice Cream Sandwich willfeel smoother and cleaner, with the added bonus of HTC\ particularapplications and visuals. Examine it the official HTC website here towatch pictures and videos of what it seems as.