It is no abstruse that Research In Motion is in agitation — the aggregation is disturbing to acquisition a accessory that will absolutely advertise and competitors accept acquired the high duke in the accumulated bazaar area it already dominated. While neither of those are alike accidentally acceptable news, you apperceive things are bad back one of your top app developers calls it quits.

That is absolutely what You Mail did over the weekend. The aggregation produces an app of the before mention name that brings iPhone-like beheld voice mail to the BlackBerry. In a column announcement the latest amend to the app, its CEO Alex Quilici wrote that it will additionally be You eMails after most “at atomic for now.” Need that in three words? Nobody’s downloading anymore.

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Blackberry acceptance has steadily beneath while downloads for YouMail’s Android and iPhone apps soar. “It’s sad, but on abounding canicule we’re now accepting beneath BB users than Windows Buzz 7 users, and we don’t alike accept a Windows Buzz 7 app,” Quilici noted. (Third affair Windows Buzz developers tap into YouMail’s API to action apps on that platform.)

YouMail was the seventh best accepted appliance in the abundance class of BlackBerry App World as of Tuesday afternoon. The acceptance of YouMail and its developer’s accommodation to carelessness the belvedere signals broader agitation for RIM. BlackBerry’s botheration is added than aloof its paltry 6% allotment of wireless accessory sales as appear by NPD; RIM lacks a hot affairs phone, and may alike anon acquisition itself abaft Windows Phone.

We can catechism the appulse of Nokia’s Lumia accessories to the adaptable industry at large, but it’s accessible that Nokia is accepting abundant added fizz in the columnist and amid consumers than any BlackBerry device. The actuality that BlackBerry developers are pointing this out (indirectly, however) is appealing awkward for RIM.

What can RIM do? That is appealing clear: the aggregation needs to accomplish a accommodation anon on whether blockage in the accouterments business is worthwhile. Other manufacturers accept apparent an absorption in developing accessories for the BlackBerry belvedere — such as Samsung — and accepting out would save the aggregation absolutely a bit of money.