Now, Haier's entered the niche dual 81M market with the Twinn, a slider phone with a high gloss surface and small size. And what adds more to the visual appeal is the nice vanity-like case with mirror that it comes packed in; something that the ladies might appreciate. The glossy surface does acquire scores of finger impressions and dust on regular usage though.

The overall build and ergonomics are decent; the slider opens effortlessly and the keypad is comfy with good feedback. But the 5 way D¬pad is a big letdown as are the softkeys; the keys are small, hard to press and too close to each other. The UI, in general, is slow to navigate, and more so while switching networks. The battery should last you a day with calls, but also because there is no FM and to upload music you need a T-flash card that you need to buy separately.

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Given the price, I was also surprised to find only a basic 1.3 MP camera that is a bit slow. In the multi-shot feature the camera suffers from an amazing lag of 6 secs before clicking the first shot. At this price, dual 81M options are limited. If you ditch the idea of a dual 81M, you can do a lot better with a 80ny Ericsson K790i which features an excellent 3.2 MP camera or the Nokia N73 which has a great camera, music and smartphone features to boot.