This dual recorder of power per trip travel 200000 GPS points in favor of support for geo-tagging can be logged QSTARZ Super 99 tour of the solar Bluetooth GPS is recorders from memory again, all the Shortcomings do not need to worry about suffering photographs, Google Earth more than the ability to share its current location with a friend. Also, from a nearby wall outlet to recharge the solar panels instead of the construction of a maximum of 48 hours of natural sunlight through the full charge, without a break, using the device to integrate feeding It is possible to use the battery to operate can be selected.

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In addition, BT's known as - Q1200, QSTARZ Super 99 Bluetooth GPS Travel Recorder of the sun, Google Earth and geo-tagging software can be integrated with 51 channels, snapped pictures and memories can be tagged with GPS data to be provided. It's perfect, especially if you were older and more memories to create an archive of hair graying is the story grandchildren will be able to share and how the mother and the father of Yellowstone National Park, or a vacation To bring is suitable for use in Europe, where the entire continent in one month over the bike, the exact date, time and location of the past are not forgotten.