A belt with programmable LED display

Why spend tons of money on the corporate belt to stand out from the crowd? Nobody will still not see from afar, it is D and G or Pacco Rabbane. Much differently buy belt is especially programmed sheet - it is impossible not to notice.

This enhancement is an interesting place to any style, be it punk, or a city street. It can store up to 6 messages 512 characters in the first and 256 in the next. Similarly, it is possible to adjust the speed and brightness of a running string of letters.

The size of ducts - 120 * 7 * 4.5 cm, which is just enough to make it and the message it did not go unnoticed.

Instructions for the management and operation is included in the complete set, so the difficulty in recording and not displaying your messages not arise, all quite simple and obvious.

No age restrictions - this gadget is available to all who want to look unique and unusual. All that is needed is CR2032 batteries, a little imagination - and open space for expression!

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