With everyone making a dash to the web for their marketing and communications, socialising and correspondence, it's easy to forget that for many of us, paper and print remains the best way of reaching out to customers and staying in touch with friends and family by giving them something they can actually hold in their hands.

Although Microsoft Word is now so adaptable that it can be used to knock out most kinds of document, for anyone who needs something a bit more professional, something perhaps a bit lusher, there's PagePlus X4.

PagePlus has been around in various forms since 1991 and acquired a deserved reputation for low-cost, near-professional level DTP by providing the kind of tools required to produce all manner of print publications, including newsletters, stationery, calendars, certificates, flyers, business cards, brochures, posters and so on.

Of the features new in this version we particularly liked the revamped Startup Wizard, which not only lets you create new publications from scratch or using a template, but also get at approachable, well constructed video how-tos, PDF tutorials, the user guide, Serif support and user forums. There's nothing new here, of course, but collecting everything together in one place will help newcomers (though the window should be re-sizable, surely?).

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