Microsoft MapPoint 2010
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Microsoft MapPoint is both a technology ("MapPoint Web Service," previously known as MapPoint .NET) and a specific software program created by Microsoft that allows users to view, edit and integrate maps. The software and technology are designed to facilitate the geographical visualization and analysis of either included data or custom data. Numerous acquisitions (Vexcel, Vicinity Corporation, GeoTango, etc.) have supplemented both data and feature integration.

MapPoint is intended for business users but competes in the low-end Geographic information system ("GIS") market. It includes all of the functionality of the most recent version of Streets and Trips, the consumer mapping software, at the time of development, as well as integration with Microsoft Office, data mapping from various sources including Microsoft Excel, and a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) interface allowing automation of the MapPoint environment.

The MapPoint technology is used in
* End-user desktop software:
o MapPoint (for North American and Western European business users)
o Microsoft Streets and Trips (for North American home users)
o Microsoft AutoRoute (for Western European home and small business users)
o Encarta encyclopedia (Atlas functionality)
* Web-based services:
o The Bing Maps website
o The Microsoft Virtual Earth development platform
+ The MapPoint Web Service using SOAP XML
+ The Virtual Earth Map control, an ActiveX control, which lets users make requests via JavaScript to an AJAX map object