MacBook Pro seem to be increasingly difficult to find in the trade, with stocks down, leaving hope for a renewal of the range soon. Several sources of our colleagues in their MacRumors reported that stocks of 15-inch MacBook Pro and 17 inches are being reduced, whether in the Apple stores or resellers third.

And at, the MacBook Pro 17 inch Core i5 sees its availability announced between 1-2 months. And at Best Buy, this same model is advertised as 1-2 weeks. But for its part, Apple continues to offer high availability within 24 hours for his MacBook Pro. Given that the latest MacBook Pro Introduced are nearly 10 months, which is rather important in the computer world, the decline in stocks at certain merchants hope of a forthcoming renewal of these laptops.

The latest rumors on this date also indicate that Apple reportedly plans to update its MacBook Pro in the first half of 2011. Four new models are expected in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. They would work under the new platform with Intel processors Huron River Sandy Bridge and high-end versions would benefit from the new generation of AMD Radeon graphics cards HD6000M.