Thus, you lost a bunch of data, and youare eventually acquiring about to adjusting up a backup for your Macdesktop or laptop. Count your lucky stars that we have grown past therequirement to shove a some hundred CD-R or DVD-R discs into youroptical drive to backup your iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro, or MacBook.

Basic hard drives are cheap enough tobackup your whole 500GB Macintosh hard drive Spend a little more,and you'll get niceties like 1.5-3TB of drive space , FireWire 800 ,Thunderbolt, or as well additional characteristics as charging portsfor your iPad. Which takes us to the best justification for backingup your Mac: Time Machine is dead simple.

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Only plug in a novel hard drive, and aslong as the drive is larger as compared to your internal HDD, Mac OSX will ask you to apply the drive like a Time Machine backup drive.Say yes, and all is managed automatically in the background. If thedrive is a portable with USB 2.0 or FireWire 800, it's even simpler:you only have to plug in one cord.

Other features like external capacitygauges are better suited to drives that you're copying to manually,like the drive you use to transfer large files from one Mac toanother or to a PC. Other features that may not be relevant for youaverage Mac user are USB 3.0, eSATA , and packed in backup software.That said, if you need to keep a certain folder backed up and broughtoffsite, file-based backup software can be helpful.