Later the censoring of tweets byTwitter, it is nowadays Google's turn to do the similar on blogsthrough Blogger website. It looks that Google has taken a cue fromTwitter's censoring strategy in this consider. Users on theGoogle-possessed blogging website will soon be redirected to URLsdepended upon the country of their origin to make certain that theyare governed by local jurisdictions and censorship policies.

At the same time, it arrogates that thefreedom of expression will not be inhibited. It seems that Google istherefore, in a way, bowing down to internet censorship to avoid thehassles involved. Having said that, users still have the option ofseeing a non-affected page by going to Google where NCR stands for NoCountry Redirect. This places a temporary short-term cookie toprevent geographical redirection. Do you agree with the concept ofinternet censorship? Leave your ideas in the comments section.