Although I was traveling the displayfloor here at South by Southwest, I bumbled upon the retro keyboardfrom Metadot Corporation called the DasKeyboard. If you remember whatit was as to type on an old IBM Selectric typewriter, you experienceabout what the experience of typing with the DasKeyboard is as. Thecompany really had a couple of old IBM Selectric typewriters at theirbooth.

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The DasKeyboard’s keys are large onsomewhat concave tops and they create a fulfilling click when youpress one. It affords you a bit of tactile feedback that, for onereason or another, assists you type on a small bit of assurance.

The company creates a similar keyboardthat does not create the clicking sounds for people who talk on thephone a lot or only do not as the noise. However another model has nolabels on the keys, which Metadot believes assists people typefaster.