Apple's iPad is fortifying its grip oncorporate purchasers like Microsoft proceeds to keep the finishingtouches on Windows 8, its first operating system to sky-high embracetablet computing,
A new survey conducted by ChangeWaveResearch displays that companies are stepping up their tablet buys,and that a growing number mean to purchase iPads. ChangeWave said itssurvey of 1,604 corporate tech purchasers displays the highest levelof corporate iPad demand it is always detected in a survey.

The results can not bode considerablefor Windows 8. PC growth, and by extension Windows growth, has slowedabove the years, although the market for tablets, mainly the iPad,has soared. Windows 8 is a touch-friendly operating system planned to

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assist Microsoft tap that market. Although the consumer market willbe tough to crack, afforded the lead that Apple has there, thecorporate business has been watched as one where Windows 8 tabletscould create inroads. That is largely because of Microsoft's longhistory of selling to enterprises and the manageability thatcorporate buyers expect in devices that run Windows.

The novel survey, while, suggests thatthe iPad is more and more meeting the requirements of those possiblecustomers. ChangeWave detected that 22 percent of the respondentsplan to buy tablets for employees throughout the second quarter, andthat 84 percent of those companies are being later to purchase iPads.