The tower desktop is ended. It had along run, and has survived every forms of threats--laptops, gamingconsoles, netbooks, countless pundits as myself exclaiming its end.But seriously this time: it is done. And ironically, the towerdesktop acquired put down by a PC that really sits on top of yourdesk. In 2011, everything-in-one desktops went from being a freshnessto becoming a palatable product category that served up a strongvalue and great functioning in a compress case. Therefore here is myprediction for 2012, and the next few years: everything-in-ones willbe all over.

You will however detect a few towershaunting store shelves. Pair that on your monitors and an existingset of keyboard and mice, and you will have an exactly serviceablePC. And as well a relic of a bygone age. Few of us require to tinkerwithin of our machines: Gamers as myself will however require giantcases for our graphics cards and liquid-cooled CPUs. Professionalswill need workstations, and businesses will require machines that canbe upgraded or repaired en masse. Drab black boxes will stay amainstay in the corporate environment--for a small although longer,anyway.

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But all-in-ones are the future. Theaverage consumer only needs something that works, and worksconsiderable and it never hurts if it feels good or takes up aminimum amount of space. All-in-ones strike each single point onaplomb. Intel and AMD have assisted speed up the shift towardeverything-in-ones by producing smaller, faster processors that cutdown on power consumption although raging up performance. Thearriving year will be no different, on Intelís Ivy Bridge and AMDísPile driver paving the way for usual-thinner, always-sleeker machinesthat do not compromise with performance.

And then there is touch. On Windows 7,you can shun touch fully and acquire along rather nicely. As wellWindows 8 will let you to stick on the traditional Windows desktop.But more and more applications are being developed on touch in mind,and Windows 8 will be an Everywhere OS--application developers who donot ship finger-friendly wares will suffer. But as well if you dohate the thought of tapping away at your PC's display.Everything-in-ones can offer all of that.

But do not bring my word for it.Outside of the usual suspects that litter the Performance desktopscategory, you would be hard pressed to detect a manufacturerattempting to show off a boring box in a sea of shiny, touchabletablets and smartphones. I have said this time and time again: I lovemy desktop, a work in progress I have been tinkering on and upgradingfor years. But most users only require a machine to host theirphotos, stream their movies, and play the occasional video game.All-in-Ones fit the bill, and do thus in fashion. They are here tostay, and I would not have it any other way.