The latest and ameliorated Aakashtablet is everything set for an April release. According to HRDminister, contempt the hardware upgrade, the new edition will havethe same price tag like that of the original. For starters, thegadget will characterize a capacitive touchscreen rather than aresistive one. Underneath the hood will be a Cortex A8 CPU clocked at700 MHz. The RAM would also be upped to 512 MB. It is claimed thatthe device's 3200 mAh battery will hold it running for about 3hours.

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The picture is not like rosy with the software front,like the new Aakash will be dependent with the old Android 2.2. Onthe bright slope, it has been speculated that the tablet will haveaccess to the Android Market, now experienced like the Google PlayStore. Sibal said that the first wave of one lakh (lac) tablets willbe provided to students from higher technical educationalinstitutions, to garner feedback. The new Aakash surely has betterhardware than the original. However, spec-wise it's still no match tothe PAC-PAD 1.