Microsoft Security Essentials has neverbeen the absolute best anti-virus solution out there, but its fairlydarn good. It catches the vast majority of the security threats inthe wild today, is perfectly free, and is supported by the guys whocreate the operating system itself thus performance is always topnotch.

Common sense would suggest these guyswould be running away with the market share, and in-fact that isperfectly what is happening. A software development and servicecompany by the name of OPSWAT published a report this week dependenton the findings of their AppRemoval tool, and it displays Microsoftgaining ground at a rapid pace.

Avast proceeds control the largestshare of the global market, still Microsoft is dominating in NorthAmerica with 14.58 percent of Windows users, and 9.96 percentglobally. Security Essentials users are primary feature on WindowsXP, however Windows 7 customers are not far behind. Windows Vistarepresents less as compared to 5 percent of the Security Essentialsuser base, but that could even be because nobody is still usingWindows Vista.

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The pay anti-virus market is somethingno one is going to miss, and each new and bettered version ofMicrosoft Security Essentials takes us one step closer to a futurewhere it simply would not be necessary. For the time being you arehowever better off with the latest version of Norton if you inclineto visit few of the seedier corners of the net, but hopefully thatwould not always be the case.