Later Android is long, lonelywanderings like an unsupported fork, Linux 3.3 started integratingAndroid code into the core Linux kernel. Later a small holdup, LinusTorvalds declared the launch of Linux 3.3 with the Linux kernelmailing list last night. Most of the modify is pretty small fry, ifhowever crucial Btrfs tweaks, Open vSwitch integration, a NVMedriver, modifies Nvidia/AMD DRM/KMS drivers but the big news is a bigreturn for a big name.

For a long time, code from the Androidproject has not been united back to the Linux repositories due todisagreement among developers from both projects. Luckily, latervarious years the differences are being ironed out. Several Androidsubsystems and characteristics have already been united, and morewill follow in the future. This will create things easier foreveryone, having the Android mod community, or Linux distributionsthat need to support Android programs.

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Remind the acoustic guitar and"Kumbaya" singing. In all seriousness, being able to run anAndroid system off the core Linux kernel will create things much lessof a headache for developers. Examine it on Linux 3.3 for a full listof changes, complete on rapid and technical explanations.