Google Play is Google's new name forwhat we applied to experience like the Android Market, where Androidusers went to purchase and download their mobile applications. Thetrouble for Google has been the mode this application distributionservice has exploded beside the mobile OS itself, on the search giantadding movie rentals, books and a music service to its applicationshop, making it more of a supermarket than a simple applicationlisting service.

Thus, the decision was created torename the entire service from Android Market to the more genericsounding Google Play, on the application itself altering its name toPlay Shop on phones across the world, thanks to a simultaneous updateof the Android app. Thus yes, your Android Market icon andapplication has disappeared from your phone, and the web site now hasa new name, but it is OK - the Play Store is the same thing only onfew fancy new logos sprinkled about the place.

Very little has really modified forusers accessing Google's digital shop via Android phones. The newicon, which modified its name first to "Play Shop" and morelately to "Play Store" is the main difference, which forusers applied to accessing the Android Market for a few years is arather a puzzling modify to wake up to. Even, where we applied tohave a simple videos tab hiding the film rentals, those are nowcontained inside the Google Play Movies section, although the bookshop now luxuriates under the name Google Play Books. All your oldcontent is however there, only on a new logo above it all for someodd reason.

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Google says this new system shouldensure "your favorite music, books, movies, apps, and games areall in one place that's accessible from the Web and any Androiddevice" which is good, and very useful, but also something thatwas possible before the re-branding effort. Every Google's doing hereis emphasizing the "cloud" based nature of its Androidexperience, underlining the fact you can purchase a book on yourphone and read it on the web-dependent Play Store, or rent a movievia the site and have it sent to your phone. Nothing new, but howeverimpressively cool technology - and free to apply. Aside from when youneed to purchase stuff.

One of the things Google's alsounderlining with the trenching of the Android Market name is thatGoogle Play is not just for Android users any more. The web site'sbooks and videos sections are fully functional on a desktop and letusers view content online, as if you are until to upgrade to asmartphone there is however some fun to be had purchasing and syncingbooks and films across various laptops and desktops you hang aroundnear. And if you are actually confused about your smartphoneorientation, there is as well a Google Play Books app on iOS for alittle bit of cross-pollinating Apple action.

One thing that has modified is Google'sPlay application, which has had a few new options added to it in apost-name-change update. There's now an "All" tab withinyour downloaded apps page, which lists every single app you have everdownloaded. Even the awful ones you then deleted after a 30 secondfiddle two years ago. The updated Google Play app also lets you sortuser reviews, while these reviews now show the particular model ofAndroid phone used by the reviewer - so if they are complaining anapp does not work very well on their T-Mobile Pulse, you experiencewhat the trouble is.