NZXT's new Phantom 410 body merelystrike the streets in December, but seemingly, finicky systembuilders have already grown tired of the red, white and black coloralternatives available at release. Instead of telling said finickysystem builders to shove it, NZXT polled them on Facebook, askingusers which colors would be preferable on the case. The results arein in the form of the Phantom 410 Special Edition, which is availablein four new hues.

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NZXT's press release alters us that thelatest colors are "Black with Orange Trim, Black on White Trim,White with Blue Trim, and a surprise Gunmetal black edition on agunmetal interior and exterior matte finish." The Phantom 410 SEis a virtual clone of the standard Phantom 410 in all other respects,right down to the tool-less bay drive plan, the nifty window with theslope, and support for ATX, Mini-ATX and Micro-ATX motherboards. Youcan read all the nitty gritty details on the Phantom 410 page on theNZXT website.