Later a brief hiatus, Google Driverumors created a comeback last month when the revered Wall StreetJournal reported that the long-fabled service was finally on theverge of release. Many weeks have passed and there is however no signof the Drop box-as cloud storage service. What we have rather isuntil another tantalizing rumor.

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The latest Google Drive bruit, whicharrives to us from GigaOm paterfamilias Om Malik, has the longbruited service introducing as soon as next week. Considerably, atleast that is what Malik’s “well positioned” origins have toldhim. If these sources are to be believed, we are looking at a cloudservice proffering on 1GB of free storage, a native client, a GoogleDocs-as web interface, and an API for third-party applications.Agreeing to Malik, his origins are real affected on what they havewatched so far. The report ahead claims that Google Apps users willbe able to apply it on a domain-specific basis.