Dell said this week it is elaboratingits virtual desktop oblations into the cloud via a partnership withanother company. Dell's Simplified Desktop as a Service is acloud-dependent virtual desktop offering targeted at companies of anysize. Dell partnered with the offering on Desktone, a company thatcreates software to access cloud-dependent desktops. The product isrequired to be available at few point this quarter and pricingdetails have not until been released.

The cloud-dependent desktop serviceadds to Dell's suite of on-site virtual desktop offerings. Dell's DVS Simplified Appliance is purposed at small and midsize businesses andDVS Enterprise is purposed at larger organizations. Virtual desktopslet businesses to centrally manage a suite of computers. TerryVaughn, Dell's director of strategy for the company's desktopVirtualization solutions, says typical apply cases have in theeducation setting or for businesses that require to rapidly provisionnew desktops, such as for seasonal or temporary workers.

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The new Simplified DaaS offeringapplies a cloud-dependent model where the infrastructure is stored inDell's data centers and is accessed by end users via Desktonesoftware. That is opposed to Dell's existing Simplified Appliance andDVS Enterprise offerings, which are commonly installed like on-siteappliances applying Citrix and VMware software components. "Thisis a combination of bringing the Desktone platform, which serviceproviders apply to deliver cloud-dependent virtual desktops, andcombining that on Dell's expertise in end user services and virtualdesktops," says Peter McKay, CEO of Desktone.

The cloud-dependent virtual desktop works on Windows and Linuxoperating systems and can be accessed applying the Desktone softwareon a range of devices, having traditional desktops and laptop as wellas tablets and smartphones, McKay says. Vaughn says the cloud-basedoffering can managed either by Dell or by the user and is planned tosimplify adding end users to the system. Dell is not the firstcompany to have provided Desktone's platform for accessing virtualdesktops via the cloud. McKay said Desktone works with about 15providers, having NaviSite, a Time Warner Cable Company.