Synergy Research Group has launched4Q11 Cloud Equipment Market Share report, supplying quarterly grossesand market contributes for computing systems, storage systems andnetworking infrastructure that are applied to back up the provisionof public and private cloud services.

North America continuedto account for the largest share of the worldwide market (43%), butgrowth rates in both the EMEA and Asia-Pac regions were considerablyhigher as compared to North America.

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In the mean time,networking giant Cisco registered gross growth of 23% from 2010 to2011 and closed the gap with its computing competitors. Surely, inNorth America Cisco was basically tied with HP and IBM for marketleadership in the final quarter of 2011. It prevails the networkingsection of the market and is as well making an encroachment with thecomputing systems segment through its blade servers.

"Cloudservices are intelligibly a game changer in the market and we arewatching huge growth in interest, service launches, and customers,"said Jeremy Duke, Founder & Chief Analyst, Synergy ResearchGroup. "The vendors that supply infrastructure for cloudservices have the chance to benefit greatly from this surge -- you donot watch markets growing by 15% per year."