Mozilla has taken a hatchet to Microsoft's browser ballot proposal, claiming it would do little to alter the status quo. The browser ballot is Microsoft's answer to EU charges that bundling Internet Explorer with Windows harms competition. The scheme will present customers with a screen offering a selection of browsers and download links when they first install or start Windows.

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However, the move's not buying Microsoft any brownie points with Mozilla. Both Mitchell Baker, chairwoman of the Foundation, and Harvey Anderson, Mozilla's chief counsel have posted lengthy blogs citing a list of changes they'd like to see made.

"Even if everything in the currently proposed settlement is implemented in the most positive way — IE will still have a unique and uniquely privileged position on Windows installations," claims Baker.

"It is always there, often with prominent placement in the user interface. Choosing another browser as a default doesn’t change this. Contrast this with all other browsers who aren’t available without separate installation," she adds.