This high-priced model from Intex, the 1301 WC is just what a webcam junkie would look for. It has a stylish looking sleek body which can be adjusted in a 3D plane. The head and the base are connected by a slim bar shaped body with a ball and socket mechanism, tightened by a screw. The hemispherical head dons a silver luster, like the rest of the body. The LED flash on top of the camera is auto activated in the dark with the help of a sensor. Although the visual appeal is perfectly taken care of, the build, for our liking, is a bit too fragile, not in terms of breaking strengths, but the attachments. The entire assembly is pivoted on the screw that clamps together the centre shaft. One screw malfunction and the three assembled parts lay dismantled.

Coming to features, it packs in some nice ones. It comes with a 1.3-megapixel Colledia camera with a CMOS sensor and digital zoom. It has in-built noise reduction, adjustable focus, image compression, auto brightness adjustment, auto colour compensation, and also a manual focus option. The video recording ability boasts up to 30 frames per second and good clarity. The video recording facility is supported with an in built microphone and sound recording as well. Sound and video are recorded in WAV and AVI format respectively. The webcam is compatible with most common messengers including Yahoo, Windows Live, and Skype.

Like the other Intex products, CamTrack and AMcap are also included in the bundled software. The basic software consists of Intex Video Power version 1 that serves for recording video and audio and also for taking snapshots. A variety of video display sizes are available up to 6-megapixel. Other details like date and time and timer shots are also included. One can adjust a variety of parameters like the brightness, contrast, gamma corrections, hue, saturations, white balance, exposure, and sharpness. Besides a customized frame option, a variety of effects and frames are also available.

Zoom and face tracking are also included as in the night vision model. One can even adjust the frame rate and features like image flip and mirror image. Also a variety of compressed modes are available for audio and video recording to suit the compatibility of the content being recorded and your systems configuration. Over all, this webcam incorporates a host of easy to use and interesting features that an online enthusiast would look for along with a multitude of image and video custom settings at your disposal. A USB 2.0 is definitely a big plus over its lesser version, the 500K, which has an USB 1.1 port.

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