Google's much predictable Chrome OS has pretty some time to go till it is launched for you and me. Though, as speculated previous, Google has provided juicy facts of the upcoming OS at an occasion. While it is no Windows Killer by any margin, Chrome OS does provide the consumer the option to boot into a web based OS, anytime, anywhere.

Chrome OS?

That's correct. The OS might be named after Google's very own browser for clear reasons. For once, the OS looks akin to a browser on steroids as it is almost totally web based. When you boot into Chrome OS, you are essentially opening a browser window for running web apps. Different "normal" operating systems, you will not be capable of install applications in the Chrome OS surroundings. Instead, it employs HTML5, for bringing an app like skill right within the browser - devoid of the need for installing anything. To make things easier, believe of it in this way. The Chrome OS is nothing but a barebones, stripped down edition of Linux that is fast and launches like a web browser.