Few details have emerged on the processor used by Apple iPad. We know of course that comes from the acquisition of the company PA Semi in 2008. This small company specializes in the design of ARM processor with very low consumption. In addition last year Apple has taken out an ARM license, which further emphasizes the use of the ARM processor in the house of Apple. Last point which confirms the use of the ARM architecture the retrocompatiblite iPhone applications with the iPad without rewriting. The operation of an emulator is very unlikely given the power it requires.

The video presentation of the iPad revealing the Apple A4 processor clocked at 1 GHz. The chip is marked by several references: H8M8T00V0MTR-OEM VTJK00782, 1SB009A 0940. According to iFixit the last digit would refer to the date of manufacturer: the 40th week of 2009. Apple will not have any trouble making this processor scale for the month of March.