Operating within the computer Exper Datateknik'in brand now will continue as a separate company to the road. General Directorate of Datateknik'in Cahide Akkuzu, the Orhan Fearless was brought to the Directorate General Exper'in. Alpay's Marketing Directorate General of Mersa System will conduct Ozbay.

Stars Information Group in 2007 and began reconstruction efforts in the direction since 1994, located within Datateknik Exper the road as a separate company to continue Datateknik'in in the information integration issues will continue its activities was learned.

Stars along with restructuring in the IT Group as a separate company which will continue to work with Datateknik Exper, service and equipment areas will be announced separately focus.

Related to restructuring in a statement as the IT sector continues to grow in the Stars Holding packaging stresses, Information and Real Estate Group President Cahit Paksoy In today's world of fast-growing IT sector in our country with growing potential to attract more attention. He said, and added: Popular one of the sectors has become in this field holding as we our investment is increasing in different areas consumers and institutions all requests will respond to our products and services we are diversified. All of our products more consumer contact and our country's people with quality to meet the purpose Exper our brands placed as a separate company.