Our colleagues from Engadget have benefited from the MIX 10 Microsoft to bring Windows 7 Phone Series and they believe the new mobile operating system would be deprived of the copy and paste function. A surprising information, especially as this feature was indeed present on previous versions of the OS for smartphones.

Todd Brix, project manager Phone Windows has even confirmed the information Cnet microphone, explaining that this feature had been voluntarily dismissed by Microsoft at the moment in favor of a new navigation system based on intelligent links that turn addresses, phone numbers, etc.. in clickable links and usable in other applications.

That did not take long to generate discontent on many forums, many comparing this ideology to that of Apple, however, finally gave in and integrate the copy and paste on the iPhone. On Twitter remonstrance’s that are the hardest, with the creation of various hash tags attacking Phone Windows 7 Series, as # WP7Scutpaste.