NVIDIA has released beta drivers, the GeForce 197.13. It is essentially the version 196.75, minus the nasty bug killer graphics cards. These drivers support the GeForce GT then 320, GeForce GT 330 and GeForce GT 340. The PhysX system software is updated to version 9.10.0129, while the HD audio driver is version New SLI profiles are emerging to play Assassin's Creed II, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, 4 Command and Conquer: Tiberian Twilight, Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes from Liberty City, Mass Effect 2, Napoleon: Total War Zombie Driver. World of Warcraft and Unigine see their enhanced support, while the game Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood, Need for Speed: Shift, Resident Evil 5, RUSE, and Street Fighter IV now support the Ambient Occlusion.