Variety of flash drives in the range of shops, at times only complicates the choice of media. As practice shows often drives with extraordinary appearance have little speed, because the manufacturer expects to sell only because the original design. Drives a higher speed performance often looks less noticeable, so the bet is placed primarily on performance.

Transparency of the front of the packaging allows us to see the drive itself. It also contains the following information name, amount of storage compatibility with Windows 7 the ability to download from the official site of the manufacturer of software SP Widget and the presence of a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.
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The back side of informing us about the supported operating systems, fully compatible devices with USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and USB 1.1, Aluminum, LED presence of the device, the country of origin, as well as on software SP Widget. It should be noted that the compatibility with USB 1.1 can not be taken for all hardware, complete the third version of the interface, and is the kind of advantage, allowing to use the drive as a new, and in a fairly old systems.

Case flash drive is made using plastic and aluminum. Metal deposited on top of the paint, making it a rough surface it will not be visible or fingerprints or small scratches. On the front of the drive there is only the manufacturer's name, memory and indicated the presence of high-speed interface. Drive Silicon Power Marvel M01 is formatted as a single partition, while the file system is FAT32, and a user accessible capacity is 29.9 GB. Lack of 2.1 GB to 32 GB of the stated due to a decimal unit conversion of information to be used for marketing purposes instead of the conventional binary. The FAT32 file system has a maximum individual file size of 4 GB, so, given the considerable amount of the test drive, we advise you to reformat it to NTFS.

The results of testing the drive Silicon Power Marvel M01 when using USB 3.0 interface were quite good. So sometimes read speed is of 112 MB / s, which is higher than we tested earlier flash drives. In addition the average values, as well as a random read speed of access were also very high. As for the recording speed, the peak result of 22 MB / s, although it is an acceptable figure, but still relatively small.