We are not far too attached to the rather large and remarkably un portable Acer Iconia W700ís pier, but considering it is involved by standard rather than an optionally available extra, it is a awesome value add. Completely designed of white colored and gold nasty, no-one will accuse this pier of being fashionable but it does feel quite strong.

These USB slots face left in panoramic method. The V-leg at the returning can be eliminated and re-inserted so that the pier and product can be placed in symbol method. Docking the Acer Iconia W700 to its tab is as simple as moving it in. Taking it returning out is easy enough, though it definitely needs two arms.

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Further emphasizing that the pier is a non mobile desktop remedy, Acer provides a Wireless key pad. This is designed to go with the product a little more with a primarily steel complete, though again it uses white-colored rather than dark nasty for the important factors and factors. Still, itís eye-catching as well as very awesome to type on, with good action on the important factors.

However, it must be said that we would have recommended a appropriate cellular key pad pier by far, which could have converted this X86 product into a appropriate laptop substitute. With the Acer Iconia W700, Acer seems to be duplicating the error of Samsungís unique Sequence 7 Standing but the Japanese company is familiar with from its error and created the Samsung Ativ Intelligent PC Pro with laptop like key pad platform for this creation, while the Taiwanese massive simply leaves you with a tablet-only away from the table.

While it does not take a position out for any particularly unique design variations, the Acer Iconia W700 is quite simply a wonderful product. At the front side a part of strengthened cup creates the conversion between display and dark frame smooth, while the returning and factors are smooth steel. The deficiency of declining sides and shapes gives it a a little bit large visual that is quite eye-catching and creates it much simpler to hold, though here its nearly 1kg weight does think about against it.