Windows features a desktop with shortcuts to normally used applications, documents or other files. These shortcuts all have an image, called an icon, linked with them to create it simpler to spot. For instance, the "My Computer" shortcut is represented by an icon that looks like a PC, while the "Recycle Bin" shortcut is represented by a trash can. These icons and others on your desktop can be altered for an additional personalized look.


Step 1
Right-click the Shortcut link with the icon you want to personalize.

Step 2
Decide the "Properties" option from the drop-down menu.

Step 3
Click the "Shortcut" tab in the Properties pop-up window.

Step 4
Press the "Change Icon" button close to the bottom of the window.

Step 5
Click the "Browse" button and find the way to a folder on your PC that has icons. If you do not have any precise icons you want you use, the evade window will display the other regular Windows options.

Step 6
Click on the image file you want as your icon, and then click "OK." to back to the Properties window. Click "OK" on this window to alter the icon to your modified icon.