In this story, but it's called the flat-footed Barfüßler even Hobbits. The "a" ring has long since melted away in the volcano and the Shire is preparing for a big celebration in honor of the tenth anniversary coronation as king of the people of Aragorn aka Strider. Sam Gamgee is the one who makes preparations in the village and by the way his children, tells the adventures experienced by the Fellowship of the Ring.

The graphics are more appropriate and will not irritate even begin to from the PS3. At first glance, one thinks more like a PS2 version until you realize is that the graphics were simply adopted 1-1 by the Nintendo Wii. But not only the look in general has very outdated, and the animations are boring. Facial features or emotions in dialogs are missing completely, not even a twitch of the eye to detect.

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Getting started is quite irritating, because you suddenly without introduction as Aragorn before the Black Gate of Mordor, and finds out against orcs and trolls aimlessly Move with control and beats her.

After this introduction, Sam tells the story of the companions from the persecution of the Nazgul in Bree, where one takes over there the role of Aragorn. From this point, basically repeated the following procedure: looking way to address someone or something and then use a small or in between Kämpfchen.