The new F1 game from Codemasters is based on the EGO Engine 1.5, which was developed specifically for the game. The game developers have focused primarily on the race tracks, so the audience seem unkind and modeled as a decoration only just packed off the track. The existing "matte paintings" see it from the more impressive places like Monaco and give a special charm.

The race tracks are accessible not only in bright sunshine, but also weak and heavy rain. This has never looked so good. Depending on the perspective, the drivers can count every single drop on the visor and the cars before the drivers take to the pilot through the spraying water high visibility. This gives the game a lot more realism.

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One of the most important graphic elements, however, the F1 car itself Codemasters has gone into the last corner to the Formula 1 racing car faithfully reproduce. Not only the cockpit was implemented carefully, but also the chassis and the body of the car. Buildings and other objects are reflected in the paint of the sports car in the rain, this effect is of course increased. Lands of the F1 car in the sand or gravel shall be liable, this for a while at the tire and affects the handling.