As with the previously released first version of EyePet, the players are featured minimalist graphic elements that provide no real highlights, and it does not aim only.The player looks and EyePet on the screen, but he has to live with the fact that the resolution of the camera is anything but high definition and the picture most of the time is displayed by Griesel.

The characters in the game, that is, the EyePet and the toys of the pets are kept very childlike and therefore not very detailed, but colorful and simple. The professor, the players all the time in dealing with the observed EyePet is well displayed to the television on.

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The entry will be made available to the players by the constant calls and advice of the professor's very easy.If something does not work, the Prof is immediately available and explained the problem again, so even small children are not overwhelmed with the system and find their way at any time.

The EyePet is delivered in an egg, and must be scanned once before - with the help of the new controller. The egg is in urgent need heat and must be heated with the Move-controller that can transform into various objects.